They Can Be Very Aggressive!

Wasp! Don't Wait Take Care Of Them Quickly!

By Ben Soto

9/10/20231 min read

black and brown wall decor
black and brown wall decor

Wasp; sometimes called Yellowjacket or Paper Wasp. If you have ever had to deal with them you know they can be very aggressive towards us. They can be found in dense bushes, trees, underneath eaves of our homes and especially homes with swimming pools. They need the water to help build their nest. They can also be found in electrical boxes, pool equipment and pretty much anywhere that is out of reach or well protected. Wasp should be taken care of quickly when first spotted before the nest becomes too large.

A good wasp spray that can be utilized up to ten feet away will work well when the nest is small but can be challenging when the nest gets larger. At this point it might be a good idea to call a pest professional like Soto's Pest & Termite Control.