Make It stop!

The noise they make will drive you crazy!

By Ben Soto

10/7/20231 min read

The noise these "cute little crickets" make, especially during the night can drive you crazy and rob you of a restful sleep. In large numbers, they can cause damage to clothing as well. We were fortunate that the monsoon season wasn't as severe this year so cricket populations did not inundate our homes as they have in previous years. Unfortunately there are still a great many out there and are threatening to infiltrate our homes. The end of summer is nearing, and with the colder weather coming, crickets are an insect that will do their best to find warmer temperatures. Our homes aren't sealed tightly enough to prevent these asylum seekers from invading our homes and disturbing our sanity.

We at Soto's Pest & Termite Control recommend regular service to keep these and other insects from entering our homes and disrupting our peace.