Disgusting Diseased Demons!

Imagine where they come from!

By Ben Soto

10/15/20231 min read

American Cockroaches are loathsome menaces that can invade our homes! We have dubbed them "Sewer Roaches" due to their habit of infiltrating our homes by way of a drain that isn't being used very often, leaving dried-out traps which gives them a unobstructed entrance from the sewers into our homes. One can only imagine what their feet have walked through on their journey into our homes, and it certainly solidifies our preconceived notions regarding these nasty, filthy creatures. Conditions are too dry indoors to breed but can drop their egg sacs in drain pipes or even inside your walls where there might be a slow leak that can foster idea conditions for them to reproduce. This, in turn allows these little monsters to spread disease to our loved ones.

If you have drains that aren't being used on a regular basis we recommend running water in these drains at least a few times a week for a few minutes. When going on vacations for longer than a week we recommend a 1/2 cup of bleach down the drains to help repel them. For longer periods, for example the entire summer we recommend having a friend or family member come over to run your drains and check on the home for you.

Although we can't prevent these invaders from coming up a drain and from gaining access into the home we do recommend some type of regular service to at least keep them at bay our chemicals do work superbly at eradicating these disease carrying, dreadful pest.

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