Dealing with Cold Weather Pest Problems

With the cold weather coming it brings certain pest issues.

By Ben Soto

12/7/20232 min read

brown rocky mountain covered with snow during daytime
brown rocky mountain covered with snow during daytime

The Cold Weather Can Brings Pest Issues!

As the cold weather sets in, it brings with it a new set of challenges, including an increase in pest problems. While some pests hibernate during the winter, others seek shelter and warmth in our homes. Among the most common invaders are rats, crickets, and potentially even scorpions.

Rats: Seeking Warmth Indoors

Rats are highly adaptable creatures that are known for their ability to survive in various environments. When the temperature drops, they will do whatever it takes to find a warm place to nest, and unfortunately, our homes often become their preferred destination.

These rodents can enter through small openings, gaps, or cracks in the walls, floors, or foundations. Once inside, they can cause extensive damage to property, contaminate food, and spread diseases. It is crucial to take preventive measures to keep them out.

Seal any holes or gaps in your home's exterior, paying close attention to areas around pipes, vents, and utility lines. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy, as clutter provides hiding places for rats. Additionally, store food in airtight containers and promptly clean up any spills or crumbs to eliminate potential food sources.

Cricket Infestations: An Unpleasant Chorus

Another pest that becomes more active during the winter months is the cricket. These small insects are known for their distinctive chirping, which can quickly become bothersome when they invade our homes.

Cricket infestations usually occur when they find their way inside through cracks in doors, windows, or foundations. They are attracted to warm and moist areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms.

To prevent crickets from entering your home, seal any gaps or cracks in the building's exterior. Repair damaged screens on doors and windows and ensure that weatherstripping is in good condition. Reduce moisture levels in your home by using dehumidifiers or fixing any plumbing leaks.

Scorpions: A Rare but Potential Threat

While not as common as rats or crickets, scorpions can also pose a threat during the colder months. These arachnids typically seek shelter indoors to escape the chilly temperatures.

Scorpions are often found in dark and secluded areas such as basements, attics, or closets. To minimize the risk of a scorpion encounter, it is important to eliminate their entry points and make your home less appealing to them.

Seal any cracks or gaps in your home's exterior, paying attention to areas where utility lines enter the building. Remove clutter from your surroundings, as scorpions can hide in piles of debris. Keep your home clean and tidy, vacuuming regularly to remove any potential prey that might attract scorpions.


As the cold weather arrives, it brings with it a variety of pest problems. Rats, crickets, and scorpions are among the pests that may seek refuge in our homes for warmth. By taking preventive measures such as sealing entry points, reducing clutter, and maintaining cleanliness, we can minimize the risk of infestations and keep our homes pest-free during the winter months. If you find that these issues are to hard for you to control control you can give us a call the pest professionals at Soto's Pest & Termite Control!