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Rodent sealing and prevention.

By Ben Soto

8/11/20231 min read

a rat sitting on a piece of wood
a rat sitting on a piece of wood

Rodents have become a major issue in Arizona, causing significant damage to our equipment and vehicles. Moreover, they have started infiltrating our homes, posing a threat to the safety of our loved ones. These pests have become a nuisance, leading to numerous problems that need immediate attention. They gnaw on wires and cables, causing extensive damage to electrical equipment. Additionally, their presence in our vehicles can result in costly repairs. When rodents find their way into our homes, they contaminate our food supplies and spread diseases, jeopardizing the health of our family members. It is crucial to address this escalating problem promptly and efficiently to protect our property and ensure the safety of those we care about.

Entry points can be as large as vents on the roof to ac line entry points into exterior walls and missing weep hole screens under eves to damaged weatherstripping around doors. An Inspection should be done to find these entry points to eliminate them.